PFF Reckless Perks

2015 Bay AQHA Mare

This mare is INCREDIBLE.   She is one of the strongest horses Ive ever seen.  She stands 15.3 with more bone and substance than most mature horses. She has been rode extensively on the ranch and will go where've you point her. Incredibly good minded, super quiet - will really be able to handle the pressure.

She is paid in full to Future Fortunes, Triple Crown 100, Select Stallion Stakes and BRIF.

This mare is INCREDIBLE. She was started by Doug Schrutka and patterned by Kelsey Lutjen-Treharne. Derek Diedrich futuritied for us in the Midwest -- COVID made hauling all spring impossible but Reckless has really come on -- she has made several 1D futurity runs and Open 2D runs with lots more to give.  She needs a little more seasoning to get confident and consistent. She loves her job.

She is currently home in Loveland, OK and will be hauled and ran until sold.

This mare requires normal barrel horse maintenance and is priced accordingly

9/7/2021 - Cruising thru with Maddy

7/22 - Cruising thru at Grandfield

6/30/21 Cruise thru at Vernon
6/30/21 - Loping thru at Vernon

6/30/21 - Trotting Pattern

Morgan's 2nd run on her - 6/25/21 - Would have been 3rd

Slow Work at WCMP - 6/22/21

Morgan's First time on her back - Cruising thru 6/15/21

Riding Around - May 2021

Video: Winning the 2D at 4 Rocks - 7/22/20

Video: Pulling first down - 2D clock in Elkhorn, WI - June 2020

Video @ Dubuque - May 2020

Video - Winning the Futurity side pot & an open check 1/4/2020 at Iowa Falls

Video: Exhibition @ Gifford, IL Barrel Bash - 10/26/2019

Video: Cruising thru 9/26/19

Video: Exhibition @ CR Barrel Bash - September 2019

Video cruising thru 8/15/19

Video 4/24/19 with Kelsey

Video 3/26/19 with Kelsey

** $25,000 **

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2016 Brown AQHA Mare

She is paid in full to Future Fortunes, Triple Crown 100, Select Stallion Stakes and BRIF.

Splash is a 2021 Futurity eligible mare - she was first entered in April and is making huge tracks in a short time already!  She has clocked half a second off a few times with plenty of room to improve!  We are excited about this filly!! ​

She stands 14.3 hands

She is home in Loveland, Oklahoma - August 2021 and price will increase with more hauling

She had some maintenance done with Josh Harvey on 8/25/21 and is ready for the fall futurities!! 

Cruising thru day 1 with Maddy - 9/7/2021

Cedar Rapids, IA 8/1/21 - Winning a check with bobble at 2nd

July 2021 - 14.8 in Elkhorn, WI - Open 2D time with 350 entries

July 2021 - 15.0 @ Elkhorn, WI

June 2021 - Making a 2D run

June 2021 - Another 2D run Slipping and sliding

May 2021 - 2D Run

April 2021

** $30,000 **