Addi Win

2013 Bay AQHA Mare

She ran AA on the track and earned her ROM. She was showing great promise on the barrel pattern when we purchased her to cross on PFF.

AFlying Panther

2005 Black AQHA Mare

She had two outs on the track - winning one race and $2490 while earning her ROM and an 86 speed index.

BA Perks Playboy

2008 Bay AQHA Mare

Flirt was making a nice barrel horse - winning 2D money with limited hauling when she sustained a stifle injury.

She is currently in foal to Guys Dash A Latte for May 2018.

Bullion Aint Easy

2007 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Bully has 1 foal of age (2014) and she is already producer. We have kept her 2016 and 2017 fillies.

Bullys Best Secret

2006 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Secret was a nice barrel horse before we got her to breed to PFF. Her first foal was born in 2018 and he is incredible. We think she is going to be an amazing producer.

Bullys Gota Mazarati

2011 Bay AQHA & APHA Mare

Mazarati was my first homegrown! She is by far one of the fastest and most talented horses I have ever been around.

She is carrying her first foal for 2019.

CY Sweet Baby

2006 Gray AQHA Mare

She is a AA/ROM Producer of $9955.

We love how good minded her babies are! 

Dashin Duchess

2012 Chestnut AQHA Mare

Duchess is out of the immortal AQHA Champion Mare, RoyalTime Classic - LTDuchess had her first foal in 2018 and he is amazing.

Denali Rose

2008 Bay AQHA Mare

Jesse Neimus is not afraid of hard work and proves it daily. We couldn’t have asked for a better Farmer to be a part of our team. With so much knowledge and experience, Jesse Neimus is an invaluable part of our team.

Double Galatea

2000 Sorrel AQHA & APHA Overo Mare

Pippy was a tough 1D mare herself and her colts are so incredibly talented it is unreal.  Super fast, athletic and really hunt a barrel!

Famous For My Corona

2008 Bay AQHA Mare

Corona was making a heck of a barrel horse before becoming a broodmare.

Fire Red Ruby

2004 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Ruby was making a nice barrel horse before a neck injury in the pasture cut her career short. She is a multiple 1D, futurity, derby and open rodeo $ earning producer.

Flashing First Off

2004 Sorrel AQHA Mare

This mare is a favorite!  She was a AAA Runner with a speed index of 95 and earnings of over $20,000. She is also a AAA Producer with earnings of over $10,000.

Ivorys Legacy

2010 Black AQHA Mare

This mare is a 1D Money earner and we are excited to cross her on PFF.

Kitty Kat Dat

2006 Brown AQHA Mare

Kitty Kat Dat had one of the nicest PFF babies in 2018 and we are excited for many more babies out of her.

Mak Flyer

2002 Bay AQHA Mare

Flyer was a tough 1D mare herself and is proving to be a heck of a producer with a young foal crop

MC GoTo The Mountain

2011 Brown AQHA Mare

This mare has produced a really nice match race horse and think she is going to be a cool cross on  PFF.

Nighttime Rose

2010 Sorrel AQHA Mare

This mare was making a heck of a barrel horse before coming a broodmare.

Okey Dokey Fling

2013 Red Roan AQHA Mare

Fling is carrying her first foal for 2019

Pacific Wrangler Jet

2006 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Freedom was a very nice barrel horse before I decided to start breeding her.  Her oldest foal is a 2016 and she is our favorite!!

Paint One Pretty

2013 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Pretty girl is a new mare for us for 2020!  We are ecstatic about her -- she is legit 16.2 with the hottest race lines in the industry.

Panther First

2008 Brown AQHA Mare

Panther was making a nice barrel mare when she fractured her back pastern and became a broodmare. We love her babies!!

PFF ExtremelyTwisted

2015 Palomino AQHA Mare

Twister is our all around mare!  She is cruising the barrels, ranch rides and is actually Carson's horse!  He rides her everywhere. 

We are thinking of breeding her while Carson is still young and just walk/trotting :)

PFF Fire Up The Benz

2017 Black AQHA & APHA Solid Mare

Benz shattered her elbow and will hopefully be broodmare sound!

PFF Streak N Runaway

2017 Bay AQHA Mare

This nice filly was bite in the ankle by a poisonous snake this summer - we are unsure if she will be competition sound so we will be retaining her for a future broodmare.

Prides MoneyMaker

2007 Bay AQHA Mare

Reckless is a AAA Producer and we own her oldest PFF baby - 2015 - and she is amazing.

RC Shawnes Streakin

2013 Sorrel AQHA Mare

This is a homegrown filly that got cut up in a flood as a yearling so we kept her back for a broodmare.  Her oldest foal is a 2017 by PFF and is maturing amazing.

RR Nicks Sure Windy

2008 Sorrel APHA Overo Mare

Trisquit was a 1D Money earner and Futurity Finalist. She is now producing some incredible babies.

Spy Smart Oak

2005 Red Dun AQHA Mare

This is a new mare for us -- her first PFF baby will arrive in 2019.

Sweet Sweet Sister

2008 Bay AQHA Mare

Sister produces the nicest babies!  her oldest is a 2016.

This Blonde Might Do

2002 Palomino AQHA Mare

Blondie is a multiple 1D, futurity, derby and open rodeo money earning producer

This Shawnes Firin

2006 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Ladybug was a tough 1D/2D horse in Southern OK/Northern TX. She is now producing the nicest babies.

Tjo Perks Of Shawne

2005 Bay AQHA Mare

Where do you even start?  Perks was a 1D futurity winner, derby winner, open rodeo winner, super show winner, slot race winner and an American Semi Finals Qualifier!!!!!

Tjo Thirstys Smashed

2000 Sorrel AQHA Mare

Thirsty was a really nice Open 2D barrel mare and her oldest foal is a 2015. She appears to be a heck of a producer!!

Will She Be Wicked

2006 Bay AQHA Mare

Wicked always produces big boned babies with great minds


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